Detectives Preddy & Harris Series

Author: Lennon, Paula

Publication Date:

February 2022

Original language and publisher

English | Joffe Books

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia


Crime & Thrillers

Detectives Preddy & Harris Series

Author: Lennon, Paula


Perfect for fans of Abir Mukherjee, Robert Thorogood’s Death in Paradise, Vaseem Khan, Andrea Camilleri’s Montalbano novels, and Timothy Williams.

Book 1: Murder in Montego Bay (February 2022)

  • #44 Amazon Australia.

Palm trees, white sandy beaches, and a perfect turquoise sea. Jamaica’s Montego Bay might just be paradise. If people didn’t keep getting murdered.

Detective Preddy has seen a lot of things in his time on the Montego Bay police force. But this redheaded Scottish detective turning up really takes the biscuit. What’s he doing here? But before Preddy can find out, they have a murder to deal with. Local ice-cream magnate Carter Chin Ellis is shot dead. Shortly after leaving Pelican Walk Police Station.

And there’s no shortage of suspects. Between an exotic dancer, a career criminal, a racing driver, and two policemen, Detectives Preddy and Harris really have their work cut out for them.And Detective Harris has such a thick Glaswegian accent that it’s hard to understand him.

Can they trust each other enough to work together? If they can’t, they might just have another murder on their hands.

Book 2: Murder Under the Palms (February 2022)

Palm trees, white sandy beaches and a perfect turquoise sea. Jamaica’s Montego Bay might just be paradise. If people didn’t keep getting murdered.

The beautiful Caribbean Sea laps lazily against the verandah where Jamaican Supreme Court Judge Everton Wrenn lies dead. Someone strangled him with their bare hands.

Judge Wrenn had more than a few enemies, but who wanted to squeeze the life out of him? Detective Preddy is determined to find out.

Sean Harris is back and ready to stick his oar in. Preddy thought he’d seen the last of the interfering Glaswegian detective.

Meanwhile, the island’s surviving judges threaten to strike until Wrenn’s killer is found. Jamaica’s criminals will be free to run amok. Then another murder turns the case upside down. Time is running out for Preddy and Harris to stop the killing.

Book 3: Murder at Sugar Rush Beach (March 2022)

Detective Preddy hoped for a quiet start to the new year. But there’s a murder at Sugar Rush Beach. A man is stabbed through the heart with an antique awl.

The victim, Jerome Baccus, was the nephew of a local developer who wanted to transform this quiet beach into a high-end tourist complex. Now he’s dead. Everything points to a rival developer. But Preddy realizes other people might have wanted to kill Jerome: his two girlfriends, the Sugar Rush beach vendors, the sugar daddy of one girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Preddy must work with Scottish detective Sean Harris. And Preddy knows that Harris is conducting a covert internal investigation. When a woman is found dead, the stakes are raised. And everyone’s career is on the line.

The detectives:

  • Raythan Preddy is a tough-talking, patriotic Jamaican detective and leader of the Pelican Walk Major Crimes Team. Determined to halt the murder rate in Montego Bay despite limited resources and a hostile top brass, Preddy gets the additional help in the form of newly-arrived foreigner, Sean Harris. But the jury is out on whether the new guy is going to be any good. Or whether the locals will understand his broad Glaswegian brogue.
  • Sean Harris is an outspoken, red-headed Scottish detective with a stubborn streak. In his fifties, with nearly two decades in law enforcement, he’s been sent on secondment to Jamaica. While sympathetic to the cause of crime reduction, Harris is frustrated by the Jamaican methods of policing and not shy with his opinions. Much to the chagrin of his new colleagues.

Marketing Information

  • Series selected for the Times and Sunday Times Crime Club


Book 1: Murder in Montegao Bay

Book 2: Murder Under the Palms