Detective Rob Miller Series

Author: Pearce, Biba

Publication Date:

June 2021

Original language and publisher

English | Joffe Books

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France, Netherlands, Scandinavia

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Crime & Thrillers

Detective Rob Miller Series

Author: Pearce, Biba


This page-turning debut is perfect for fans of Robert Bryndza, Helen H. Durrant, James Oswald, Joy Ellis, Angela Marsons, L.J. Ross, Alex Smith and J.M. Dalgliesh.

Book 1: The Thames Path Killer (June 2021)

  • #70 Amazon Australia

A deranged serial killer targeting brides-to-be. An ambitious young detective. A case that could destroy everything.

A young woman is brutally attacked on her way home. It looks like she was the victim of a jilted –and twisted –ex-lover. But then two more women, also engaged to be married, are found dead. The press calls the killer the ‘Surrey Stalker’. And there’s a stack of similar cold case files.

The pressure is on for young, ambitious DI Rob Miller. But when all the time he’s spending at the office, Rob’s also running a fine line trying to keep his fiancée, Yvette, onside as they try to plan their wedding…

Book 2: The West London Murders (June 2021)

  • #24Amazon Australia

A spate of brutal stabbings. An ambitious young detective. A killer hell-bent on revenge.
A father is found dead in his posh West London home. Stabbed to death. By somebody who couldn’t stop. There are seven or eight puncture wounds.

There’s no time to relax for recently married DI Rob Miller.
Now a second man is found brutally murdered in the same frenzied manner. Do the police have a serial killer on their hands?

The investigation leads Rob and his ex-lover Detective Jo Maguire to London’s undercover escort industry. It’s a risky world to dive into, and Rob’s feelings for Jo don’t help.
They realise that the murderer is leaving a blistering trail of revenge killings — and the violence is escalating.

Can Rob and Jo work together to stop the murderer before someone else pays the ultimate price?

Book 3: The Bisley Wood Murders (June 2021)

  • #29 Amazon Australia & #99 Amazon UK

One girl disappears. And there’s a link to an unsolved disappearance close to home.

Katie Wells goes missing on her way to school. Her pink backpack is found weighed down with stones in a local reservoir. Time is running out to find her, and every second counts.
Acting DCI Rob Miller leads a nationwide search, but no trace of the little girl is found.

Meanwhile, Detective Jo Maguire from the National Crime Agency notices striking similarities to her own sister’s disappearance twenty years ago.

Jo’s relationship with Rob is deepening, but they don’t have time to figure things out. Maybe Jo’s sister was the killer’s first victim. And maybe he never stopped.

Now, a body is discovered and the public holds its breath. Is it Katie?
Rob and Jo might just have a serial killer on their hands…

Book 4: The Box Hill Killer (July 2021)

  • #28 Amazon Australia & #69 Amazon UK

Twelve years ago, Noah Palmer went for a bike ride and never came home. His body was found in the Box Hill woods, a five-pointed star carved in his chest. He is the fourth victim of a serial killer who has never been caught.

Now, a young woman is involved in a shooting outside Harrods in central London. Her DNA shows a familial match to the Box Hill cold case.

Detective Rob Miller leads the investigation. But there’s not much to go on. Just when he thinks he’s got a lead, the case is turned on its head.

In order to solve this mystery, Rob’s going to have to go off-book, potentially putting his career — and already complicated love life — on the line.

Book 5: The South Bank Murders (March 2022)

  • #30 Amazon Australia & #47 Amazon UK

His mentor slain. A detective out for revenge. A criminal mastermind always one step ahead.

Detective Rob Miller is at home with his crying new born son when he gets the news. Retired Chief Superintendent Sam Lawrence, Rob’s friend and mentor, has been shot dead. Lawrence had always been his rock. Rob is devastated. An hour ago Lawrence had called to ask him to meet, but Rob couldn’t go because he was on daddy duty. Now he will hunt own the killer –but his boss thinks he’s too emotionally involved. This time it’s personal, but it’s not the only murder Rob’s got on his plate.

The body of a young man is found on the south bank of the Thames near the London Eye with an unusual stamp on his wrist. Are the two killings related? Then a suspect has their throat slashed in custody and another body bearing the same stamp turns up. Rob knows this is not the work of some amateur criminal, but someone with terrifying reach –and the name they keep hearing is the Wolf.

His baby won’t sleep. His partner needs him. Can he be there for them and bring a killer to justice?

The detective and the setting:

Detective Inspector Rob Miller of the Met is finally given his first case as senior investigating officer. For an ambitious young detective, this is a dream come true. He’s gunning for promotion and will do anything for his job, but can he also keep his personal life in check?The Murder Investigation Team is based out of leafy Putney, with its overgrown, often-flooded riverbanks. One way, the river leads into Central London, the other, out into the countryside. It’s an idyllic setting that masks a criminal underworld.


Marketing Information

  • Over 96,000 copies sold in English (for the series)