Detective Markham Mystery Series

Publication Date:

April 2019

Original language and publisher

English | Joffe Books

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Estonia (Eesti Raamat)


Crime & Thrillers

Detective Markham Mystery Series



  • #29 Amazon AUS, #84 Amazon UK

Two skeletons are discovered in the grounds of St Mary’s Choir School. This was not a centuries-old Christian burial. They are wearing modern-day clothes and there is evidence of foul play. Consecrated land has been sadistically violated.

Detective Inspector Gilbert Markham is a rising talent of the Bromgrove police force. He is on the trail of the murderer when another life is brutally claimed. Who is the savage killer lurking in this innocent place? DI Markham and his team are met with intense hostility when they step up their operation. Is this just local panic? Or are they about to stumble into a web of corruption which runs deeper than they could have ever anticipated?

DI Markham faces a race against time to save his girlfriend from being the next victim.



  • #78 Amazon AUS

Handsome teacher Ashley Dean is brutally murdered at Hope Academy, a local school. It’s known as a rough place, but gossip blames the violence on a deranged intruder.

DI Markham’s instincts say otherwise. Could this brutality have been the work of a student? Could there even be a connection with the staff? It seems unthinkable. After all, DI Gilbert Markham’s girlfriend Olivia teaches English at the school.

Markham’s team probe deeper and the local community begin to turn against Markham. Somebody in a position of power is hiding appalling information. More blood will be spilt before their secrets are laid bare.

DI Markham must fight to save his girlfriend’s school from a brutal killer.

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  • Over 100,500 copies of Moloney’s books sold in English