Desert Birds

Original title: Les oiseaux du désert

Publication Date:

October 2023



Original language and publisher

French | Editions XYZ

Territories Handled

English (World excl Canada), France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia


Literary Fiction

Desert Birds

Original title: Les oiseaux du désert


“Agent Kane continues to berate us, his voice filled with rage, as if he were scolding children for misbehaving. […] Are agents taught this kind of Orwellian narrative during their training? An inverted rhetoric claiming that border security saves lives, and humanitarian aid kills them.”


Desert Birds is a novel based on the author’s experience volunteering for a humanitarian aid organization in the Arizona desert along the US-Mexico border.

In this sun-scorched, isolated corner of the world, the desert is used as a weapon against migration. Every year, hundreds of migrants lose their lives trying to make it across. The book documents the voices of both the migrants and the residents living in border communities who risk their lives to fight against violence and death every day.