Deliberate Creativity

Author: Gulati, Dr. Gautam

Publication Date:

January 2021



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World excl. North America


Business & Leadership

Deliberate Creativity

Author: Gulati, Dr. Gautam


We’ve all been lied to. So-called gurus and experts have repeatedly told us that ideas are a dime-a-dozen, and that only the execution of an idea matters. The truth is, executing on a bad idea will almost always guarantee a failed result. But here’s the rub…most of us are never taught how to develop good ideas; yet it is expected of us in our everyday work and life. Ideas are the answers to helping solve our most pressing questions. I believe we all have the hidden potential to creatively excel if deliberately trained. After all, most bad ideas are simply underdeveloped good ideas.

This book – based on experience-based principles methodologies – will help you think differently and cultivate a creative advantage over others. It will serve as a practical guide to help boost your creative performance and maximize your return on ideas.