Decoding the Stars. A Modern Astrology Guide to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Author: Scott, Allison

Publication Date:

January 2023



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English | Wellfleet

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Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality

Decoding the Stars. A Modern Astrology Guide to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Author: Scott, Allison


Astrologer Scott does a stellar job of explaining astrology in her debut. After establishing the basic tenets of astrology, including how to compose and read one’s birth chart, Scott explains sun signs, which outline people’s essential natures; rising signs, which provide insight into personal motivation; and moon signs, which reveal particulars of one’s emotional state. Scott digs deeper into the 12 astrological houses, laying out how to interpret the significance of house placements in a birth chart, and how to integrate the various signs. Birth charts for the likes of Emily Brontë and Ursula K. Le Guin serve as teaching tools, and sections are punctuated by questions for personal reflection (“Considering your Moon sign, what kinds of daily rituals and habits best support your mental and physical well-being?”). Scott thoughtfully explores astrology as a useful system that can help the curious deepen their self-knowledge, while still being honest about its limitations. Amateur astrologers will find plenty to appreciate in this first-rate guide to deciphering the stars.  — ​Publishers Weekly

I never really fully understood my birth chart until I read this book. Honestly, it’s so clear and easy to digest. Allison explains things in such an accessible way… You never know what you did without it. — Christie Beauchamp, The Witchology Podcast 

An ideal introduction for the novice and has much of value for active practitioners and dedicated students of the metaphysical sciences. Midwest Book Review

What are you meant to be doing in this life? How can your life feel more meaningful and fulfilling? These are daunting questions, and amidst the demands of our hectic lives, it can be hard to know where to start.

In Decoding the Stars, astrologer Allison Scott explains how the ancient wisdom of astrology provides the tools necessary to decipher your life’s purpose, even in today’s modern world.
This book takes you step by step through your birth chart to help you reflect on who you are here to be and what you are here to do. You’ll learn about:
  • your essential nature and what makes you feel energized by decoding your Sun sign and house
  • your core motivation by decoding your Rising sign
  • how you cultivate emotional well-being and fulfillment by decoding your Moon sign and house
  • your professional skills, challenges, and calling by decoding your 2nd, 6th, and 10th Houses
You’ll also learn how to balance each part of your birth chart to build a powerful narrative about your life’s purpose. With illustrative diagrams, sample charts, and reflective questions, Decoding the Stars will be a valuable companion on your journey of self-discovery.