Debt Heads

Original title: On marche sur la dette

Authors: , , Vincent Glenn

Publication Date:

May 2015



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Worldwide excl. French


Current Affairs, Humor

Debt Heads

Original title: On marche sur la dette

Authors: , , Vincent Glenn

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Provocative humor that stands up to the economic fundamentalists that rule our daily lives!

“The national debt? Oh, my god.

The experts’ sanctimonious scolding and sanctions are scarier than the debt itself. You feel like you’re watching a horror film where we’re all going to die at the end, no matter what we do… But since it was really bugging us, we decided to go take a look at the famous Debt, up close and personal.

So what exactly is the National Debt? How much do we owe? To whom? Since when, why and for how long? And why is it any different from our own personal debts? We decided to investigate from the point of view of a pair of economic illiterates. Illiterates? Well yes, just like 99% of the population. What about the literate? They’re the 1% who are taking us for a ride. Yet this is our own lives we’re talking about, and we are two more potential innocent victims.

Equipped with our deceit detector, we went to deflate the first bag of hot air we could find. It turns out that understanding the debt is like figuring out a magic trick, you have to turn your eyes away from where the magician/economic expert is trying to get you to look…

One thing is for sure though: if we managed to understand, anyone can.”