Debora Camilli Series

Author: Venturini, Nora

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Italian | Mondadori


Crime & Thrillers

Debora Camilli Series

Author: Venturini, Nora

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Book 1: RUSH HOUR. INVESTIGATION AT THE WHEEL (L’ORA DI PUNTA. Un’Indagine al volante) – May 2017 – 300 pp.

Don’t forget Debora Camilli, her taxi Siena 23 and her special way to observe Rome: it’s born a star, a black star. — Maurizio De Giovanni

The young Debora Camilli is driving a taxi in Rome not by vocation but by necessity. She had to give up her dream: to join the police force. Her father has prematurely died from a heart attack and she’s inherited the taxi’s license to help her family. But the fate is looking for her. One spring day, a beautiful lady from Parioli (one of the most posh zone in Rome) get in her taxi, she looks upset, she asks to the young taxi driver to keep her to a popular district and to wait for her at the entrance of the building…. from which, however, she will not come out any more …

Book 2: WOLF EATS DOG. A NEW CASE FOR THE DETECTIVE TAXI DRIVER (LUPO MANGIA CANE. Un nuovo caso per la tassista detective) (Book 2) -April 2018 – 288 pp.

The second exciting investigation of the detective taxi driver.

Debora Camilli, alias Siena 23, a taxi driver for necessity and detective by vocation, a cool November evening is in the queue waiting for customers in front of the Termini station when, a few meters from there, in front of the Caritas Hostel, is found the corpse of a stabbed immigrant. Debora cannot withstand the impulse to put her nose, also because the responsible for investigating the Eritrean murdered is the Commissioner Edoardo Raggio of the San Lorenzo Police Department. Although he does everything to keep her out, Debora Camilli begins her parallel investigation, always between her taxi races, delays in her turnations, fanciful lies and consequent scoldings from the radio taxi’s employer. She succeeds in intruding herself as a volunteer at the Caritas canteen, to make friends with barbons and immigrants, gather their confidences and penetrate the world of the “invisibles”.

Nora Venturini is a theater director and screenwriter. She has signed several theatrical productions winners of different theater festival in Italy. She has written several TV series and TV movie for Rai and Mediaset. The author is writing the third and the fourth episodes.