Death Doesn’t Exist

Original title: La mort n’existe pas

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October 2023



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Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality

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Death Doesn’t Exist

Original title: La mort n’existe pas


French journalist Stéphane Allix leads the investigation in a challenging work.  — Axelle Noirhomme, Le Soir

15 years of investigation into the afterlife, in order to feel more serene in the face of death. A father’s poignant message to his daughter.

What happens when we die? What happens to our consciousness? Does it outlive brain death? Those vertiginous questions overwhelmed Stéphane Allix when his brother passed away. That was when he decided to mobilize all of his skills and instincts as a journalist in an attempt to shed light on the mystery of our consciousness.

Medical and neuroscience research, as well as countless unexplained phenomena related to death (near-death experiences, extra-sensory perception, etc.), suggest that our consciousness possesses a spiritual dimension. Is that what mystics mean by the soul? To solve the mystery, Stéphane decided to experience that dimension for himself, through alternative paths and ages-old spiritual practices like shamanism.

Thanks to relentless scientific research paired with a moving spiritual exploration, Stéphane Alix developed firm convictions.

Here are the conclusions drawn by a journalist who is also an ordinary man and a father who cares about transmitting the comforting reassurance he acquired over the course of his journey to the farthest reaches of life.

Marketing Information

  • Best-selling author of Le Test (The Test) (250,000 copies*), Après… (After…) (105,700 copies*), Lorsque j’étais quelqu’un d’autre (When I Was Someone Else, 70,550 copies*), Nos âmes oubliées (Our Forgotten Souls, 52,000 copies*). 
*source: GFK, includes both hardcover and paperback
  • A book that brings 15 years of investigation to a close.
  • More than just an investigation, a summing up of experience and wisdom.