The Daughter

Original title: La figlia femmina

Author: Dato, Anna Giurickovic

Publication Date:

January 2017



Original language and publisher

Italian | Fazi Editore

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia


Debut Novel

The Daughter

Original title: La figlia femmina

Author: Dato, Anna Giurickovic


“A disturbing story, written with great skill and sensibility, a one go read!” — Simonetta Agnello Hornby

“A novel that evolves relentlessly, almost like some stories by Irène Némirovsky.” — Ida Bozzi, La Lettura – Corriere della Sera

A dramatic familiar story that explores with unusual maturity the darkest and unmentionable sides of the human soul. On her stunning debut novel, the author “carries on stage” the ambiguous relationship between a mother and her daughter facing the worst crime: the violent loss of innocence.  The author deeply sinks into the solitude that lurks even in those environments apparently more intimate and safe.

Silvia knew George when she was only sixteen. She was an insecure teenager, he was already a man with an excellent career as a Diplomatic. He was someone you could rely on and trust.

Twenty years later, in her apartment in Rome, Silvia witnesses the shocking attempt by Maria, her daughter, almost teenager, to seduce her new partner, invited for lunch to finally know the girl.

A massacre game, a challenge and a call for help, which Silvia observes motionless, incapable of any reactions while tracing her story and that of a family which is “gone”, between Rome and Rabat, back and forth in time, from the apartment in Rome to the house in Morocco, when Silvia was still immature, incapable of protecting her daughter, from horrible dangers.

The story of a seduction scene that hits like a well-aimed punch in the stomach.

Anna Giurickovic Dato explores with great maturity the roles both of the victim and the perpetrator, their chiaroscuro and the incredible ambiguity.

  • Rights Sold: Germany (Piper, in a pre-empt), Spain (Salamandra, in a pre-empt), France (Denoël), Portugal (Dom Quixote), Romania (Editura Trei).