Dare To Be Naive: How to Find Your True Self in a Noisy World

Author: Berry, Joshua

Publication Date:

October 2023



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English (USA) | Ideapress Publishing

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Business & Leadership


  • Foreword Award 2024 (Finalist)
  • Independent Press Award 2024 (Distinguished Favorite - Leadership)

Dare To Be Naive: How to Find Your True Self in a Noisy World

Author: Berry, Joshua


 “The world is not suffering from a cynicism shortage. In fact, more of the generous naivety described in Joshua’s book is exactly what we need right now.” —Seth Godin, Author, The Song of Significance

“Our behaviors and beliefs power much of the success we experience in business and life. When we pause and create space to reflect on what we believe, we realize some of those beliefs are self-limiting. Through anecdotes and provocative business ideas, this book will help you create that space.” —Nir Eyal, WSJ Bestselling Author of Indistractable and Hooked

 “Behavior change is hard because we’re often in the dark about what makes us tick. Dare to Be Naive provides a simple framework to help you discover the beliefs that shape your behavior and the behaviors of those around you.” —Aaron Dignan, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, and Author of Brave New Work

“The wise leader moves beyond ‘either/or’ thinking and begins to embrace more of the ‘both/and.’ Through compelling stories, business practices, and provocative questions, Joshua creates space for leaders to explore their emerging wisdom.” —Chip Conley, Hospitality Entrepreneur and NYT Bestselling Author

Dare to Be Naive gives you a shot of inspiration and just the right questions to help you think bigger about your life and business. I hadn’t thought about many of the ideas Joshua brings up before I read this book, but I’m better for it.” —Diana Kander, NYT Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker on curiosity and innovation

Has anyone called you naive for suggesting that businesses can do more good and make a positive impact on not just profits, but also on employees, consumers, and the world?

If so, you’re in good company.

Increasingly more employees, customers, and business leaders agree that how and why money is made is equally as important as the amount of money made. Yet business leaders often fear being labeled as naive if they pursue social good while pursuing profit. That fear can be paralyzing, ultimately keeping them from sharing and acting on their biggest and best ideas.

When we screen ourselves to present only what’s accepted as realistic within the mainstream, we eliminate the possibility for positive change. As the challenges we face in life become increasingly more complex, the transformative power of finding your true self—and acting on that inner wisdom—creates a flywheel effect that impacts both Return on Investment (ROI) and Ripples of Impact (ROI). Considering the rapidly changing workforce and evolving consumer expectations, how do you take informed action and impact business as a force for good?

You dare to be naive.