Cruel is the End

Original title: Così crudele è la fine

Author: Zilahy, Mirko

Publication Date:

May 2018



Original language and publisher

Italian | Longanesi


Crime & Thrillers

Cruel is the End

Original title: Così crudele è la fine

Author: Zilahy, Mirko

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Rome, a lazy city swept by the summer heat is the setting of a series of silent and claustrophobic crimes. Murders cast a black light on the city, even law enforcement is filled with concern. Called to investigate, Commissioner Enrico Mancini feels strongly motivated for the first time in far too many years.

This is the right case for him—a profiler trained at Quantico, set to be a star of International criminology, professionally impeccable until life decided to take everything away from him, turning him into a shadow of himself. But Enrico Mancini has finally taken the decisive step to overcome his darkness: he’s asked for help.

Supported by the police therapist and as always by his team, Mancini throws himself into the investigation looking for traces to nail the killer’s profile. And that’s exactly when things take an unexpected and ferocious turn: chasing the murderer along Rome’s alleys and ruins makes him soon realize that the profile is elusive and deceptive.

Because that’s what the killer is.

It’s a mirror play for two, from past to present, from reality to mere reflections—and at stake is not only the killer’s identity but Mancini’s, as well.

Mirko Zilahy was born on 1st May 1974 in Rome, where he studied Classics and Languages. Then he took a Phd at Italian Dept. at Trinity College Dublin. He is currently a literary translator from English to Italian (Bram Stoker, Peter Murphy, John Boyne, Michael Dahlie, Roger Boylan, T.R. Richmond). He also translated the 2014 Pulitzer Prize The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt for Rizzoli. This is his third novel.