Crimes and Mysteries of Paris

Original title: Crimes et mystères de Paris

Publication Date:

October 2021



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Worldwide excl. French


True Crime

Crimes and Mysteries of Paris

Original title: Crimes et mystères de Paris


Paul El Kharrat invites you on a terrifying journey through time to discover a legendary and mysterious side of Paris.

37 detailed, illustrated chronicles of crimes that took place in Paris; a reader-friendly style with lots of popular references.

The capital of both splendor and fantasy, Paris has always fascinated people. Yet the city also has a dark side: its crimes and mysteries.

A crime and history buff, Paul El Kharrat decided to learn more about the crimes that shocked the City of Lights over the 150 years from the French revolution to World War II. Because although murders affect individuals, sometimes they can change the course of history, too.

By exploring the lives of these men and women – determined, blood-thirsty monsters or desperate assassins – Paul El Kharrat indirectly paints a portrait of 19th and 20thcentury France. We experience the Terror of the Revolution with Jourdan Coupe-tête; we meet “Raoul Villain,” the aptly named man who murdered Jean Jaurès, and we shiver in Marcel Petiot’s antechamber of death during the Occupation.

Marketing Information

  • Over 10,000 copies sold
  • The author’s autobiography, Ma 153e victoire (My 153rd Victory, about his record-breaking winning streak on a popular TV game show), sold over 44,000 copies and is currently being adapted by TF1.
  • A brilliant and erudite young author, admired and appreciated by French audiences and media alike.