Compound Marketing

Author: Norris, Dan

Publication Date:

October 2020



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English | Dan Norris


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Compound Marketing

Author: Norris, Dan


I’m now in my 15th year as an entrepreneur, and over those years my ideas around what an entrepreneur is, and how to build a business, have changed a lot.

My university lessons in Marketing didn’t serve me too well, but even as a business owner for many years, I continued this habit of looking for someone to give me the answer. Seeking permission.

It didn’t work, but what did work was spending years piecing together a new way of marketing through trial, error and some chance encounters with generous people.

Compound Marketing provides a framework for thinking about how to market a solid long term business without short term strategies. It looks at the 4 most important things that I think entrepreneurs can do if they want to take an approach to marketing that will give them ongoing compounding growth as opposed to quick wins.

Compound Marking is the way I have built all of my businesses, some 6 figures, some 7 and some 8, with a far below average spend on marketing and advertising.

Compound Marketing tells the stories of my businesses and many others and provides practical advice for entrepreneurs on using the 4 key compounding marketing strategies of Brand, Storytelling, Content and Community to build a modern business with an unfair growth advantage.