Coming In

Authors: Font, Elodie, Maurel, Carole

Publication Date:

October 2021



Original language and publisher

French | Payot & Rivages

Territories Handled

World English, Netherlands and Nordic countries

Territories Sold

Germany (Splitter Verlag)


Graphic Novels & Comics

Coming In

Authors: Font, Elodie, Maurel, Carole


The deeply moving and funny tale of a young woman, from age 15 to age 30, gradually coming to terms with her own homosexuality, presented as a poetical and sensitive graphic novel.

Coming In describes a necessary, vital journey of self-discovery: from denial and the infinite suffering that it causes, to the freedom and pleasure of being yourself, when your public and private personas are finally in harmony. Along with the main character, Élodie, we start with her teenage years, from her fear of being frigid because boys’ caresses don’t do anything for her, to her first lesbian experience… leading to being confronted with the horrors of homophobia, which is expressed very violently. Next comes her first heartache, which, paradoxically, offers her the hope of “becoming normal,” i.e. loving men. But you can’t stay in denial indefinitely, so how do you cope with disappointing everyone, including yourself? After that bleak period, she gets back on the slow road to self-acceptance, and, crucially, comes out to her parents and grandmothers. Which eventually leads to her coming in, meaning laying to rest all her dreams for the future, including her own heterosexuality, in order to finally dare to be who she always has been, and to demand her right to happiness.