Come Closer, Tatita

Author: Imapla

Publication Date:

March 2024



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Original language and publisher

English | Minerva

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World excl. Asia and North America



Come Closer, Tatita

Author: Imapla


Imapla’s simple yet deeply moving work evokes love and loss with language and images to which young readers will relate….a stirring mentor text for children navigating grief…. subtle yet powerful tale about love and loss. —Kirkus Reviews, STARRED

A young girl’s five senses take her on a journey through sweet memories of her tatita, her grandmother, in this heartfelt picture book.

This moving tale introduces the youngest picture book audience to a girl who misses her grandmother—whom she calls Tata or Tatita, as is traditional in many Spanish-speaking cultures—and yearns to spend time with her. But Tatita is not here any more. The spare, striking illustrations make it ambiguous whether the girl misses her tata because she lives in a faraway place, is ill, or has passed on. Yet this gorgeous, deceptively simple book’s ending makes it clear that no matter what, your tatita lives in your heart, and you can always hold her in your memory.

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  • Spanish translation available