Coffin Cove series

Author: Elliott, Jackie

Publication Date:

April 2021



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English | Joffe Books

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Netherlands, Scandinavia

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English Audio (Podium)


Crime & Thrillers

Coffin Cove series

Author: Elliott, Jackie


A series of fast-paced whodunnits set on the gorgeous coast of Western Canada, laced with humour and a touch of romance. Fans of Murder, She Wrote, Joy Ellis, Peter Robinson, L.J. Ross, Louise Penny, and Shari Lapena will devour this mesmerizing crime mystery series.

COFFIN COVE (Book 1, Apr 2021) 

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  • #47 Amazon Australia
  • 900 reviews on Amazon
  • 4.3 star rating
  • 600+ ratings on Goodreads
  • LoveReading e-book of the month June 2021

Living up to its arresting title, this female-fronted thriller boasts a richness of tension, twists and murderous mystery . . . Jackie Elliott certainly doesn’t disappoint in delivering a gripping, twisty, murder mystery set around the seen-better-days backwater fishing village of Coffin Cove. –  Joane Owns, LoveReading

A deftly plotted, well-written and highly satisfying mystery with plenty of revelations and surprises to keep readers hooked and avidly turning the pages. – Bookish Jottings

I love a good mystery with a particularly atmospheric setting, such as fictional Coffin Cove on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada . . . I was quickly pulled into the narrative. – Rosepoint Reviews

Andrea “Andi” Silvers needs a fresh start. Once a star reporter, she’s been dumped by her lover and by the paper they both worked at. Andi moves to the tiny fishing village of Coffin Cove, on the Vancouver coast, where she lands a job at the local Gazette. Expecting bake sales and unpaid parking tickets to be the biggest news items, she quickly discovers the small town holds dark secrets. And the deeper Andi digs the more dirt she finds.


Andi is an investigative journalist in her late thirties. She is driven to uncover mysteries and expose truths. She’s attracted to local fisherman Harry Brown, and he’s interested in her, but he won’t engage in a casual relationship. It’s all or nothing for him.


Coffin Cove is a town of contradictions. It was once a thriving community on Canada’s beautiful Pacific coast, surrounded by spectacular nature. But the town’s stunning ocean front is marred by an ugly pulp mill and abandoned fish plant. Fiercely close-knit, kindness and community spirit are hindered by suspicion and mistrust of outsiders.


HELL’S HALF ACRE (Book 2, May 2021)