Coffee! A Waiter, Please

Original title: Café ! Un garçon s’il vous plaît

Author: Abécassis, Agnès

Publication Date:

May 2017



Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction, Humor

Coffee! A Waiter, Please

Original title: Café ! Un garçon s’il vous plaît

Author: Abécassis, Agnès

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Excl French
  • Her previous novels altogether sold over 1 million copies.
  • Over 33,000 copies sold


“The stories of love and despair of Agnes Abecassis reconcile with the misfortunes of life. A light comedy like a great morning cream on the terrace.” — ELLE

“A tender and funny choral novel.” — Au Féminin

“This book is fabulous. The characters are endearing, the story is perfectly rhythmic, and the author has, unquestionably, an immense talent.” — All Time Readings

“It’s full of humor, it’s funny, you’ll learn a lot of things. You will burst out laughing!” — Le Magazine de la Santé, France 5

“Hang in there, it goes a hundred miles per hour, it’s twirling, filled with life! This novel is an enormous burst of laughter bathed by tears of emotion and a zest of tenderness!” — La Griffe Noire

“Agnes Abecassis is a provider of sunshine. She possesses the gift of bringing you smiles in bar, amazing encounters, and sweets for the soul. Coffee! A Waiter Please proves to be a fresh novel, full of peps, funny and light as summer embers.” — New Kids on the Geek

“It’s alive, addictive, and, above all, funny, very funny. Without doubt, one of my favorites of 2017.” — Malénia das ses lires

“Ah, it is good to laugh, to cry, and to close your book with a smug smile… Thanks, Agnes Abcassis!” — Maison de la Press Saint Raphaël

“It takes a real pleasure to read this novel and savor it as a delicacy. When you crunch, you do not know if you’re going to fall on a salty note, an acid tone, or a sweet topping that melts in your mouth. Then there’s the inevitable desire to turn the page and devour the next chapter. It must be said that Agnes Abcassis has tasty writing. It is lively, alert, very well written, joyful, comforting.” — Oblikon

“It is a success. This novel pleased, entertained, and amused me.” — Chocolat Cannelle

“I loved it! Agnès Abécassis has this way of playing with the words that charms me every time. The characters are so endearing that I had no desire to finish this book.” — Bibliopochiyo

“This book is a real jewel.” — Laurie Lucas et ses lectures

“Through her phrasing, Agnes Abécassis gives us a hilarious narrative that is tender and romantic at the same time, delicate and graceful, exquisite and aerial.” — Thé mon oolong

“A beautiful waltz of feelings that turns with exaltation, bringing the delighted readers and the endearing characters in turn. Two thumbs up for this facetious comedy full of tenderness!” — Chez Clarabel

“This book is a favorite!” —Au Bazaar des Livres

“If you do not know this author, I will try to describe her inimitable style: Agnes Abecassis is an enchantress of words. Warning: highly addictive novel!” — Smells Like Rock

“The novels of Agnes Abecassis are like a good coffee: they enjoy themselves with pleasure! And this one is a real treat!” — Plume libre

What do they all have in common? Love really is their cup of tea.

It all starts with a good cup of coffee. You just have to ask. Except when you make a slip of the tongue… You asked the café to bring you a waiter? Hold on! Here’s one, served on a tray, Lutèce, 75, is thinking, as she reconnects with her first love. But will time have kept their shared memories fresh?

If you’re looking for someone as strong and full-bodied as a cup of espresso, look no further than Tom, the romantic cop. When he finds out that Régine is cheating on him, he strays too, just to get back at her before realizing that she didn’t actually do anything wrong. Ouch!

Then there’s the delightful Ava, an artist who hangs out in cafés all day, looking for inspiration as she sips iced tea. One day, she gets a commission to paint a movie star’s portrait. Her big break! But nothing goes according to plan, and though she was already counting her chickens, now it looks she should hold the champagne for a while.

A story full of laughter and tears, chocolate and a drop of cream.