Original title: Klaverblad

Author: Kleijne, Floris

Publication Date:

February 2021



Original language and publisher

Dutch | Boekerij

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. Dutch


Crime & Thrillers


Original title: Klaverblad

Author: Kleijne, Floris


An unprecedented highlight in Dutch crime fiction: abound with action, complex characters and razor-sharp dialogue. Cloverleaf begs to be made into a film. —Jury Report Golden Noose & Shadow Award 2021

A phenomenal thriller and a fantastic debut. — Algemeen Dagblad

A strong debut with a solid and credible foundation. — **** De Telegraaf

With his beautiful writing style, this Dutch John Grisham has truly captured my heart. An absolute joy to read! — Read Magazine

Floris Kleijne is one of the Netherlands’ best thriller authors. — Veronica Magazine

Cloverleaf provides an inside look into the ruthless crime of international real estate fraud. An heart-pounding thriller with a pressing topic, clearly written with expert knowledge. — Veluwe Koerier

A fascinating, well-written thriller about power relations in the world of big money. — Boekenkrant

Floris has a wonderfully smooth writing style and knows how to build up tension well. A must for thriller fans! — HSF

This super exciting thriller is highly recommended! — Puzzle & Win

A grandiose, speedily told thriller with an interesting and intricate plot. — NBD (National Library Association)

Cloverleaf blew me away! This is the perfect thriller to read in a single breath. — Marlous Mutsaers, Gianotten Mutsaers, Tilburg

A heart-pounding thriller with breakneck-pace and relentless action. Strongly recommended! — Marianne van ‘t Hof-de Jong, Bookstore Panningen

An excellent thriller that I strongly recommend! Kleijne obviously knows the deceptive real estate world he writes about inside out. — Bram van Vliet, De Koningshoek Bookshop in Maassluis

A brilliant cat-and-mouse game in which the roles of cat and mouse are regularly reversed. — ****

A strong addition to the Dutch thriller market. —

Floris Kleijne has produced an incredibly strong and exciting book with Klaverblad, and that for a debut! — *****

The plot develops like a snowball that gets bigger and bigger and is ultimately strong enough to topple everything in its path. Exciting, fascinating and profound. —

A heart-stopping read full of complex characters, unexpected plot twists in the fascinating world of big business. — 

Don’t underestimate the Dutch writers! Cloverleaf is a brilliant thriller. —

A personal tragedy.  A corporate scandal.  An enemy that is capable of anything.

A nail-biting story for the fans of Wall Street, Margin Call, and John Grisham’s The Firm. Based on true events.

Zorah was five years old when her father killed her mother with an axe. Twenty-five years later, she is a highly successful consultant on the verge of closing the deal of her life. Until she receives a text message with the image of a bloody axe.

What does the message mean? Who knows about Zorah’s past? And is the timing accidental, or are Zorah’s private and business life inextricably linked? To answer her many questions, Zorah hires private detective Roelant. As the stakes rise, their collaboration is complicated by their strong mutual attraction. But is Roelant who he claims to be, or is he only putting Zorah in worse danger?

Floris Kleijne was inspired by the Klimop case, the largest court case of real estate fraud in Dutch history. With unrelenting tension and his own background in corporate consultancy, Kleijne tells the terrifying and utterly convincing story of a sector that is capable of anything.

Marketing Information

  • English sample & long English synopsis available
  • Winner of the Shadow Award 2021 – Best Crime Debut
  • Shortlisted for the Bronze Bat [Best Thriller Debut of the Year prize, organized by Omroep Max]