Change Masters. How to Actually Make the Changes You Already Know You Need to Make

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April 2022



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Change Masters. How to Actually Make the Changes You Already Know You Need to Make


Why do so many small business owners pay for expensive advice, agree to take action … and then never follow through? ChangeMasters exposes the true reasons for this inaction and reveals how any business owner can do better.

Many small business owners know what they need to change the way they do things inside their company to be successful. But when it comes time to making that change, most hesitate or fail to take the necessary action. Why do most people consistently fail to make changes that they know would make a significant difference at their companies? Based on original research and over twenty years of working with small business owners, this book shows the key steps to breaking this harmful pattern and becoming the “ChangeMaster” that your business so desperately needs to be successful in the future.

Over the past 20 years of working with thousands of small business owners, expert Barry Moltz has just about seen it all. Typically, his client’s company is stuck with a problem such as stagnant business growth or shrinking revenue. The story is always the same. Moltz is hired, the situation is analyzed, a strategy is agreed upon. And then almost nothing happens.

This book is inspired by this all-too common scenario. Most small business owners can implement a few easy steps, but what does it take to make the critical or difficult ones that could make a difference? This book was written to answer that question.

Where is the gap between the sincere intent to make these changes and the actions to start to do it? What holds most people back and keeps them stuck on the same path over and over again? Why are they still so comfortable in not making those changes and staying on the path that clearly does not work for them and is adding to their happiness or feeling of success? What steps do they need to take to slowly break free and start to make those changes today that can help them in the long run?

In ChangeMasters, Barry Moltz will reveal much of the psychological research around why change is so hard for so many people and the real life strategies that every small business owner can employ to make the changes they need in their company.

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  • Business/Entrepreneurship & Small Business category winner in the NYC Big Book Awards.