Cerrone Paradise

Author: Cerrone, Marc

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April 2018



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Autobiography, Music

Cerrone Paradise

Author: Cerrone, Marc

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Something very special happened the first time we met. Was it because we were both drummers, and the fact that I was glad to finally see a drummer take center stage? Whatever it was, we instantly understood each other. We became good friends. I always found that Cerrone had the art of turning everything he touched into gold. He was ahead of his time; he would give people what they were ready to receive. He is very gifted; he’s truly an all-round artist. — Jerry Greenberg, former president of Atlantic Records

How can I forget the first time I listened to Cerrone’s music? I heard something incredibly rich in the orchestrations, those voices, a sound that was pure, light, and so special. I immediately grabbed the record cove, and wondered, “Wow, who did that?” And when I had the sleeve, the one from Supernature, in my hands, and when I saw this guy with a totally European look—the heavily styled hair, the open shirt, and the gold chain—I couldn’t believe it. I was convinced this thing had been made by an American R&B or soul band. I thought it was amazing that a French artist had succeeded with such talent and purity to delve so deeply into R&B and soul, into everything that formed the roots of dance music. And then I met him. There was an immediate connection; we knew right away that we would be friends for life. — Nile Rodgers, musician (songwriter, composer, guitarist, co-founder and leading member of the band CHIC), and producer 

Cerrone? He’s one of the greatest disco figures the world of dance music has ever known. Nothing less. “The French Man…” His legacy is very important in contemporary dance music; he’s probably one of the most sampled dance artists in the world… He left a big mark on the United States. — David Mancuso, DJ, producer, owner of the legendary 1970s New York underground club The Loft 

Cerrone taught me that it was all about creating a musical odyssey for the dance floor. He taught me that it was all about creating an atmosphere. Disco was definitely European. And it was embodied by two names: Cerrone and Moroder. Most other European artists of the time followed either one or the other… It’s important that the younger generations know who was behind the history of dance music. Cerrone is without a doubt among the artists who had a real influence on the evolution that music underwent in the seventies. His music was as generous, rich, positive, and sensual as you could get. Cerrone was class and sensuality. There was nothing sexier… — David Morales, DJ, producer 

Marc is truly an all-round artist. He controls every aspect of his work, from the music to the promotion, by way of the visuals… Often, fame distances an artist from the accomplishments of the different people collaborating to bring their project to fruition. Marc has always been very simple and very close to everybody who works with him. He has a great gift for communication, and he really knows how to steer his collaborators while acknowledging their creativity. It’s quite unusual. Working with him has always been something very special. He is interested in everything; he wants to see everything, understand everything… He’s a very curious person; he always wants to learn new things. He has a very hands-on approach, like a master craftsman… — Vicky Colombet, painter 

Cerrone is a very “visual” person. I sincerely believe that if he hadn’t become a musician, he could have been a photographer or a film director. His world of images is very interesting; always tending toward fantasy… with a hint of cool, naturally… We got on very well on while we were shooting the video for Supernature, which was the first in a long line. Every, and I mean every, single video we shot together—and we made a long line of them—many of which were with his other associate, the American David Niles, was an unforgettable adventure. — Rémy Grumbach, director and producer 

Our wild ideas actually began with “The Golden Touch,” with “Rocket in the Pocket,” and “Je suis Music.” What I always loved about him was his gift for pushing everybody else to surpass themselves… I was able to perform real technical feats with him. Truly. I had never worked my ass off so much with any artist. Because he had great respect for the creativity of others, and although he was full of ideas, he never imposed them on anybody. — David Niles, director and producer 

The King of Disco, father of the ‘French touch’, tells his extraordinary story

The man behind the 1970s hits ‘Supernature’ and ‘Give Me Love’, Marc Cerrone’s life reads like that of a real novel: the son of Italian immigrants, he made his first steps into the world of music as artistic director of Club Med; thanks to a parcel shipping error, his record ‘Love in C Minor’ became a huge hit in the United States; he was a regular at Studio 54 alongside Basquiat and Warhol; Kurt Cobain and Madonna paid direct tribute to him; and he became one of the best-known French artists on the international stage. A pioneer of electronic music, he dared to be the first to create extra-long, radio-unfriendly tracks, used instruments and record sleeves with provocative images in a previously unseen way, and was able to continue creating after the disco years.

For the first time, he tells his story in a book that will immerse the reader in the heart of the disco years in the United States, France and Japan. It also reveals what lays behind the scenes of his creation, right up until his latest album, which will be released alongside the book.

Strong Points:

  • The first autobiography from an internationally known French artist.
  • He is renowned in many countries, particularly by the Americans, who adopted him before the French did.
  • Promotional campaign to be coordinated with promotion for the album; the album’s release is planned in the US in January 2019, with a tour.

Drummer, composer, producer, DJ, creator of spectacular shows, Marc Cerrone, the leading light of disco, is the father of the ‘French touch’ and role model to four generations of DJs. Over a forty-year career he has sold more than thirty million albums around the world.