Cavendish Street Building Series

Original title: L’immeuble de la rue Cavendish

Author: Kant, Caroline

Publication Date:

April 2022



Original language and publisher

French | Les Escales

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction

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Cavendish Street Building Series

Original title: L’immeuble de la rue Cavendish

Author: Kant, Caroline


Volume 1: Margaux’s Shenanigans

What is going on on the fifth floor of the Cavendish Street building? Margaux, the new neighbor, has barely settled in when she finds herself investigating the couple who lives above her. Regardless of whether everyone thinks she’s going completely crazy!

After a painful breakup, twenty-something Margaux, moves into the apartment her uncle lends her on rue Cavendish. Close to Park of the Buttes-Chaumont, the building doesn’t want for excitement: between the unpleasant concierge who demands to be called Mrs. Nathalie, the crazy old man on the second floor and the unbearable kid on the fourth floor, Margaux hardly finds time to sit down and watch her favorite horror movies! Fortunately, she can count on her other neighbors: Victoire, Charlotte and Markus are always there to talk over drinks. Especially when Margaux meets the handsome guy from the building across the street! But everything gets complicated when disturbing noises escape from the apartment above: Margaux decides to investigate.

Volume 2: Charlotte Is Looking for Herself

Charlotte is over the moon: she has found a job! But very quickly, the situation at the office goes from bad to worse while her personal life goes haywire…

It’s signed! Charlotte has landed a job in a wedding planning agency: she will be able to support her family while her husband Alexandre launches his business. She even managed to negotiate her Wednesday afternoons to spend time with Lou and Gabriel, her children! Goodbye, unpredictable freelance life and hello, regular income, paid vacations and coffee breaks! Except that… Her colleague Laetitia doesn’t seem happy at all with her arrival at ‘Tous en cœur’ and her behavior is becoming very, very worrying… To make matters worse, Charlotte is arguing more and more with Alexandre and is getting closer and closer to Thomas, a handsome man who has just moved into the building with his children. How far will she go? And how far will Laetitia go?

Volume 3: Lucie Rebels

Lucie is very upset: despoiled and abandoned by her children when her husband died, she finds herself in a tiny apartment! The high life is over… until she meets the handsome Henri.

When her beloved husband died, Lucie certainly didn’t expect to inherit… his debts. Her children no longer speak to her (it must be said that she has never been able to remember the names of her grandchildren) and, ruined, she is forced to move! On top of that, her new neighbors are unbearable – especially little Hyppolite, always around. Fortunately, Lucie can take her mind off things with her best friends and the charming Henri, whom she has just met. But appearances can be deceiving, and while Lucie discovers unsuspected qualities in her eccentric neighbors, her new and mysterious suitor may not be who she thinks he is…

Volume 4: Hermine’s Torments 

Hermine’s apartment is her haven of peace after her hectic days as a schoolteacher. Will she be able to make room for Ismaël, the young refugee she’s agreed to take in?

Hermine has always admired her colleague Yasmine, a volunteer working with undocumented minors. So when Yasmine asks her to take in a 16-year-old teenager, she can’t refuse. Ismaël’s arrival turns her life upside down… and that of her neighbors! But she’s lucky to be surrounded by so many people: Margaux is always there to give her good advice, and Joshua is always there for her. But Hermine’s troubles are not over yet. At work, a new teacher is always on her case. And that’s without mentioning Jo’s new fiancée, perfect and exasperating. It makes you wonder if Hermine will ever get her quiet life back…

Volume 5: Léa Lets Loose 

Her studies are over, and now Léa is determined to make the most of life! But between her family, her neighbors and their thousand and one problems, will she manage not to forget herself? 

After studying far from the capital, Léa returns to Paris and moves into her sixth-floor apartment on rue Cavendish. Between her internship at a production company (she dreams of becoming a documentary filmmaker), her financially struggling boyfriend, her colorful neighbors and her family, on the second floor, who rely (a little too much) on her, she’s not likely to get bored! All the more so as she sets out to investigate the mystery of the maid’s room she occupies… In the midst of all this merriment, will she find time to enjoy life?

Marketing Information

  • Foreign interest in Paris, as demonstrated by the success of the Emily in Paris series
  • Highly topical themes, including the cruelty of social networking and student insecurity