Bury Me Deep

Author: Adams, Jane

Publication Date:

April 2021

Original language and publisher

English | Joffe Books

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia


Crime & Thrillers

Bury Me Deep

Author: Adams, Jane


Who would want to kill Charlie Higgins? Charlie was a man you’d pass on a narrow staircase and still not see. Nonetheless, someone has gone to the trouble not just of killing him, but of dumping his body in a newly excavated grave on an Anglo-Saxon dig. Stranger still was their choice of murder weapon, an antique spear, contemporary with the dig, but definitely not from the site.

DI Rozlyn Priest takes Charlie’s murder personally. Charlie had been an informant of hers since Rozlyn’s early days in the police force, and she feels insulted by this untimely removal. As she investigates and learns more about the Charlie Higgins she didn’t know, her sense of outrage deepens, as does her realization that Charlie was poking his nose – on her behalf- into something far bigger than Rozlyn would ever have supposed possible.

Soon, Rozlyn is in as deep water as Charlie Higgins ever was, and she is in danger of drowning. She has never had any truck with ghosts or even ghostly echoes and atmospheres, but strange things are certainly happening to her now.

Theadingford, 878. After being given the land by King Aelfred, Treven must find a way to dispense justice in his own rapidly changing world. A noblewoman has been killed. Could it have been her temperamental husband, or the womanizing Hugh de Vries, Treven’s friend from the battlefields?

Set apart by a thousand years of history, Rozlyn and Treven are facing very similar dilemmas. How will their story end?


Praise for previous books by Jane Adams:

“Takes the psychological suspense novel into new realms of mystery.” — Val McDermid, Manchester Evening News

“The elaborate duel between hunter and hunted makes absorbing reading.” — The Times