Break Bread on a Budget

Author: Rogers, Lexy

Publication Date:

April 2023



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English (USA) | Row House Publishing

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Food & Drink

Break Bread on a Budget

Author: Rogers, Lexy


Celebrity chef and mama-of-three Lexy Rogers is on a mission to teach cooks of all skill levels how to make simple, soulful, and budget-friendly meals the whole family will enjoy.

Break Bread on a Budget: Ordinary Ingredients, Extraordinary Family Meals shares all of MasterChef Contestant Lexy Rogers’ best secrets for cooking for the home and from the heart.

Readers will learn how to break bread, while sticking to a budget.

Break Bread on a Budget offers everything a home cook could need to create family-favorite recipes: shopping lists, meal prep advice, and budget-stretching techniques from a young mother of three who perfected the art of cooking for her family on a shoestring budget—$40 a week!