Blue Health. The New Water Medicine

Original title: La Santé bleue. La nouvelle médecine de l’eau

Author: d'Erm, Pascale

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October 2021



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French | Massot Editions

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Health & Lifestyle, Science

Blue Health. The New Water Medicine

Original title: La Santé bleue. La nouvelle médecine de l’eau

Author: d'Erm, Pascale


Awareness of the therapeutic power of water is not a new phenomenon. As Pascale d’Erm underlines in her book, the pharaohs took baths with essential oils to strengthen their health; Hippocrates used sea water to treat dermatological and rheumatological ailments; the Roman soldiers devoted themselves to the treatment of painful wounds with water; thermal springs are considered to be treatments in their own right, “onsen” (traditional baths in hot springs) are a tradition in Japan and, much closer to us, the power of thalassotherapy (immersion and seawater treatments) has been validated thanks to serious studies […]. For the past ten years, doctors and researchers have rediscovered the powers of water for health and started new, even more in-depth studies to understand how it helps fight against autoimmune diseases, depression, diabetes. type 2 and how it alleviates inflammatory processes or symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. — ELLE Magazine

Water for Healing

From Type 2 obesity to depression, mental disorders, auto-immune diseases, chronic stress and even ageing, Blue Health – the study of the therapeutic effects of blue spaces (fresh and salt water, rivers, streams, lakes, coasts and seashores) – offers new perspectives for healing that are not well known to the general public.

How does water heal and regenerate us, why does it do us so much good, and how should we be thinking about it in this time of ecological challenges that can no longer be ignored?

That is the journey that Pascale d’Erm invites us to dive into in order to better understand our relationship to water and the role it currently plays in our health-care system, as well as the one it could play in the future.

From blue therapies (surf therapy, swimming to treat depression, and more) to sensory experiences and neuroscience, Blue Health searches out medical players in this worldwide movement, exploring different fields of scientific study in order to better understand water’s medicinal benefits on every level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).



Marketing Information

  • The author’s documentary AQUA (52’, shot in Catalonia, Sweden, Austria and Belgium) illustrates the role of water in global health (screened on April 23 on Planète+)