Be Your Own Commander-In-Chief

Author: Kruman, Yuri

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October 2021



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World excl. English


Business & Leadership

Be Your Own Commander-In-Chief

Author: Kruman, Yuri


“Millennials and Gen Z’ers…take note. This book is a one-stop self-help shop. Yuri Kruman has created a comprehensive manual that is both philosophical and actionable, with a diverse set of resources to achieve great personal and professional success.” – Jared Kleinert, TED Speaker, Award-Winning Author, and USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial”

“As an entrepreneur, focus and clarity are key to achieving success. “Be Your Own Commander-in-Chief* is a must-read to achieve success on every level of your life. This book is a great learning and development platform for anyone who wants growth and success. This is a great self-help book and a must-read for anyone interested in achieving personal and professional growth.” – Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

“This book is the “Manual to Life” we all wished we had before embarking into the “real world.” In your hands is a detailed guide with fantastic advice intertwined with witticisms from a connoisseur of people, cultures, languages and worldly knowledge. A must read for all ages.” – Michelle Mras, International Award-Winning Speaker, Coach, Author, Podcast & TV Host

“With this remarkable book, you are well-equipped to conquer your body, steer your mind, manage relationships and connect with G-d. A 360-degree guide for every human being on a journey towards excellence in life.” – Shahzad Ahmed, CEO of Iexplore Training Ltd.

A powerful and authoritative guide for bringing all the major aspects of your life into alignment and taking back ownership of your time, relationships, career, mind and body – from top-rated executive coach and award-winning Chief People Officer, Yuri Kruman.

Exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed – sound familiar?

In this year of sickness, stress and economic and political turmoil, even those who have achieved some “success” in their work or finances may find themselves feeling stuck or listless overall. This book offers the practical, realistic and actionable steps for every reader to course-correct and make the necessary changes to take back control of their lives.

Kruman’s powerful 360° approach to achieving clarity, meaning, impact and success is built on bringing all parts of your life into alignment, and his new book offers the tools and guidance — and indeed, a holistic philosophy of life — that both leaders and employees need to thrive in today’s changing work landscape.

Marketing Information

  • Book was also published in four volumes: Volume 1: 150pp; Volume 2: 404pp; Volume 3: 224pp; Volume 4: 146pp
  • Named “Top 21 Book to Read in 2021″ by FORBES and a”Top 20 Book Fueling Readers to Upgrade Their Personal and Professional Lives” by USA TODAY, Featured in ENTREPRENEUR
  • Author awards: Top 5 Global HR Thought Leader and Influencer (2022, Thinkers360), TOP 122 CHRO (2022, PeopleHum), Top 100 DEI Leader (2021, Mogul), Top 100 HR Influencer (2022, Engagedly)