Back to the Wall

Original title: Dos au mur

Author: Rey, Nicolas

Publication Date:

March 2018



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Back to the Wall

Original title: Dos au mur

Author: Rey, Nicolas

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Nicolas Rey has committed plagiarism. He is ruined. He is sick, and the doctors are hardly optimistic. This time, back to the wall, he decides to tell all to free himself from his crimes. And not to lie anymore. Because he has been lying—for a long time, to everyone. So, here at last is his great catharsis, his confession. Here is his grand redeeming novel on lies.

Finally, he confesses everything, and tells the truth, the whole truth. On everything: sickness, money, drugs, inspiration and breakdowns, plagiarism, infidelity, male cowardice, love and deception, work, friends, family … Readers can relate to many of the characters and will have fun discovering the others. This book will both make you laugh out loud and reduce you to tears.

If a novel is a true lie, Nicolas Rey writes a hilarious fiction of reality, in which the truth becomes make-believe. But we also read about work behind-the-scenes, from his life to his industry relationships, and the conditions of a 21st century author. An author flying high!


• Great media schedule with TV shows such as “On est pas couché”
• The moving confession of a crime of plagiarism committed in 2016
• Continuing success in France of The Missing Boys show with Mathieu Saïkaly, a key character in the novel

Nicolas Rey has published six novels with au Diable Vauvert: and won the Prix de Flore 2000, and a screenplay The Woman of Rio, César for short film 2015. Long-time contributor on the radio France Inter, he created the duo The Missing Boys with Mathieu Saïkaly, performing since 2015 at the Maison de la Poetry in Paris and throughout France in 2018 with a new show.

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