Ayrton Senna, a Death Foretold

Original title: L’icône immolée

Publication Date:

March 2024



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French | En Exergue

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Worldwide excl. French


Literary Fiction, Sport

Ayrton Senna, a Death Foretold

Original title: L’icône immolée


Nearly thirty years after the untimely death of Ayrton Senna, his name still resonates on racetracks the world over. Not a Grand Prix goes by without some mention of his name in connection with the event. Like most major dates in recent history, people everywhere – and not just F1 enthusiasts – remember where they were and what they were doing on that fateful day in May 1994, when the iconic F1 driver was killed on the track at Imola.

The author invites the reader to re-live the events preceding the tragedy. Told from the perspective of Senna himself, the story gets inside the head of the man, and the legendary driver, to reveal Senna’s outlook – and misgivings – in the days preceding the fatal crash at Imola where his life was so savagely cut short.

Senna’s narrative is also the story of the Imola Circuit in Italy, where in the 10 years of Senna’s Grand Prix competition, dozens of serious incidents occurred – like harbingers of the tragedy to come. In these notorious curves, the lives of other racing greats – Piquet, Alboreto, and Berger, included – were senselessly lost.

But above all, it is Senna’s account of his hot-and-cold relationship with his closest adversary, Alain Prost, the man he admired and occasionally scorned. Ultimately he considered him a friend, with their relationship widely regarded as one of the fiercest rivalries in F1 history. Ironically, the final sad act of the legendary drama would play out where it had begun, at the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola.

A riveting account of Senna’s struggle to make sense of it all and ultimately his decision to compete on what would be a dark day in F1 history.

Marketing Information

  • The third book in a successful series
  • The 30th anniversary of Aryton Senna’s death (May 1, 1994)
  • A leading F1 expert who knew Aryton Senna well