Original title: 4-title series

Author: Dambre, Roxane

Publication Date:

Dec 2012-May



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Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French




Original title: 4-title series

Author: Dambre, Roxane

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• Initially a digitally published series with Editions de l’épée, which knew a great success on the web
• A charming heroine with boundless energy and humor, equipped with a sharp sense of distribution, able to purr with her love as well as tear the throat of her enemies

22-year-old Lou works in a department of the DCRI, the French secret service, which researches the unexplainable. Her colleagues recognize in her an amazing instinct to differentiate supernatural events. Of course, not one of them knows the truth: even if she has the air of a pretty, young blond who’s a bit fragile, Lou’s true nature is animalistic, she transforms at will. To a panther, in particular. So, evidently, in order to identify odd things (apart from herself), that helps…

Roxane Dambre was born in 1987 in the suburbs of Paris. Very quickly, her imagination showed her mysteries which sleep behind the walls of the capital, unknown to common mortals, and she decided to reveal them with her pen. Today, with a love of chemistry and logic, she pursues studies in the scientific track, without ever ceasing to write. After many novels published under a pseudonym, Lou’s Spirit is her first novel.