Andrea’s Time

Original title: Il tempo di Andrea

Publication Date:

January 2018



Original language and publisher

Italian | Sellerio Editore


Literary Fiction

Andrea’s Time

Original title: Il tempo di Andrea

  • 2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights
  • Under option: Germany, France


Andrea doesn’t talk, except to himself, and nobody knows his identity. After what it looks like a loss of memory, it’s only up to him to reconstruct a life that seems to hide lost but ineradicable loves and a pain he is not able to share with anyone. At the mercy of an eternal present, surrounded by doctors’ and nurses’ indifference and by other patients’ silence and bewilderment, he feels abandoned. He doesn’t want to tell his story, still he wonders how it is possible that nobody has found out that he is called Andrea and he once had a wife, a daughter and a job. He doesn’t talk, but stories and characters gradually emerge from his thoughts: his wife Ernestina – who has left him with a strongest pain than that of an amputation –, his daughter, to whom he cannot renounce, his father Leandro, his mother Magnifica, to whom he is tied with a constant bitter-sweet nostalgia. Will his words trace a path to lead him home?

With her refined, intense style, Maria Rosaria Valentini offers us a surprisingly profound novel, intense and rich in mystery. An insightful consideration about loneliness and the fine line between existing and living, between reality and madness.


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