Always Remember Your Name. A True Story of Family and Survival in Auschwitz

Author: Bucci, Andra and Tatiana

Publication Date:

January 2022



Original language and publisher

Italian | Astra House

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English (UK & BC excl Can)

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English (UK & BC excl Can) (Manilla Press/Bonnier, at auction )


Memoir, WWII

Always Remember Your Name. A True Story of Family and Survival in Auschwitz

Author: Bucci, Andra and Tatiana


A haunting WWII memoir of two sisters who survived Auschwitz-Birkenau that picks up where Anne Frank’s Diary left off, giving voice to the children we lost.

On March 28, 1944 in the middle of the night, six-year-old Tatiana and her four-year-old sister Andra were roused from their sleep and arrested. Along with their mother, aunt and six-year-old cousin Sergio, they were deported to Auschwitz. Over 230,000 children were deported to the camp where Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death, performed deadly experiments on them. Only 40-50 children survived, Tatiana and Andra among them. When they arrived at the camp, Tatiana, Andra, and Sergio were separated from their mothers and sent to the Kinderblock. 

Chronicling the death of their cousin, the girls’ failure, over time, to recognize their own mother, and their struggle to retain hope, Andra and Tatiana share their memories of survival, supporting each other with vivid recall. The Bucci sisters’ Always Remember Your Name honors the memories of the 1.5 million children who died during the Holocaust and is a rare eyewitness account of the final years of WWII.

English translation by Ann Goldstein, introduction by Ruth Franklin.

Marketing Information

  • TRANSLATED BY ANN GOLDSTEIN, WITH INTRO BY RUTH FRANKLIN: Ann Goldstein, recently profiled by The New York Times, is the beloved translator of Elena Ferrante. Ruth Franklin is an acclaimed literary critic and an NBCC Award-winning author.
  • TESTIMONY FROM DISAPPEARING SURVIVORS: As the last surviving members of the Holocaust generation succumb to old age and recently, COVID-19, gathering and sharing these testimonies is increasingly urgent.
  • PUBLICATION AROUND HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY: The memoir will go on sale the week before Holocaust Remembrance Day. The authors, who speak English, will be available to promote the book.
  • PARALLELS TO US BORDER SEPARATION: The sisters’ story of the toll of family separation on children remains pertinent as America continues to detain immigrants and remove children from their families.
  • BEAUTIFUL CHILDHOOD PHOTOS: The book contains 20 family photos that fully visualize the Bucci sisters’ family and childhoods.
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