All the Time in the World

Original title: Todo o tempo do mundo

Publication Date:

August 2018



Original language and publisher

Brazilian Portuguese | Astral Cultural


Commercial Fiction

All the Time in the World

Original title: Todo o tempo do mundo

  • 2 Seas Represents: Dutch, World English and Nordic rights.
  • Rights sold: Germany (Rowohlt, in a pre-empt)
  • German translation available


“Is traveling in time just a trick, an illusion of the highest order, so incredible and yet so true? If Gomyde’s previous books were golden, get ready for ‘All the Time in the World'” — James McSill, Story Consultant (McSill Story Studio – York, UK)

“Maurício Gomyde is an author you want to know.” — Publishers Weekly

“Who never wished they could time travel? Maurício Gomyde raised time travel to the next level in a fantastic emotional epiphany, creating powerful and original archetypes” — Marcus Ligocki, Brazilian filmmaker, directed “Uma Loucura de Mulher” and produced “O último Cine Drive-in”

“Mauricio Gomyde made a film with the words. All the Time in the World is a jewel” — Renê Sampaio, Brazilian fIlmmaker, directed “Faroeste Caboclo” – Winner of the Great Prize of Brazilian Movies – 2014

“A powerful story about the restless search for true happiness. Never start reading All the Time in the World if you have an important appointment in the next few hours; it is a classic page-turner” — Phillipe Seabra, singer-songwriter and musician of Plebe Rude, one of the most important Brazilian rock bands

“Maurício Gomyde’s sensible point of view and pleasant writing make catchy, unputdownable stories” — Carina Rissi – Brazilian best-selling writer

“Maurício Gomydes novel has all the ingredients a good summers read in women’s fiction needs: a beautiful setting, charming characters in first and second row, a well-built intriguing plot and, above all, a protagonist to fall in love with: an upright, but self-made lonesome man who has a unique problem only true love can help him solve. ‘Todo o tempo do mundo’ will surely travel, I recommend commercial lists around the world to have a close look on this one.” — Johanna Schwiering

How much do happiness and sadness determine the course of our lives?

Victor Pickett is the most awarded Brazilian sparkling wine producer. A recluse, he lives in his secluded winery in Vale dos Três Montes and dedicates his days to watching his most valuable jewel: a sparkling wine not ready to gain world’s attention. Like a choreography of Russian ballet, everything went quite well with that vintage, except for the label Victor cannot design, for he knows only when he finds out whether what happens to his body is a gift or a curse will he be able to draw it.

It all started the night he kissed Amanda and his life turned upside down. That event triggered his time travels to the past whenever he is happy, and to the future whenever he feels sad. They can last seconds, minutes, or hours, but Victor is not in control. And he does not know whether it will ever be possible to find out what that is about, because he believes Amanda, the cause of everything, was killed shortly after in the US Embassy bomb attack in Kenya.

And thus he spends his time, trying not to be happy or sad. Until the day, twenty years after the fateful night, he receives an unexpected invitation which might change the course of events. Will Victor understand why he travels in time? Will Amanda reveal herself to be someone he never thought she was? Will that reborn love be more powerful than anything separating them?

All answers depend on whether he will be able to subvert his body’s insane logic and change a past event. Because if it is true that the first tear to drop from the left eye means sadness, and the first tear to drop from the right eye means happiness, that could be the most powerful sign of their lives.

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