All My Lovers’ Wives

Author: Hilton, L. S.

Publication Date:

June 2022



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English | Massot Editions

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Literary Fiction

All My Lovers’ Wives

Author: Hilton, L. S.


I wanted to push myself, to try at least to make something brave, and the subject of this book is something which is all around us and yet which no-one ever talks about in detail. Were I to write it as a conventional thriller, it might be assumed it was a roman a clef, but this way as an “auto-fiction” it has real edge. — Lisa Hilton

A book for the general public that is as much a story that denounces the hypocrisy of modern love as it is a provocative page-turner.

Married men can’t help talking about their wives. I knew their secrets, their troubles, while they knew nothing at all about me. I was invisible. I had always liked that, to feel invisible.

A writer receives a series of messages from a mysterious correspondent who claims to be one of three women, the wives of the married men with whom she has had affairs. She begins to write about the experience as it unfolds in real time, reflecting on her intimate knowledge of these women and the intimate culture of adultery in which they exist. Curiosity becomes compulsion. As the writer tries to discover which of the women it is, the messages become darker and more threatening.

Danger or paranoia? Honesty or expiation? As the situation becomes nightmarishly taut, the reader must determine the stakes along with the writer in a scathingly forensic account of the hypocrisies of modern life as lived by a contemporary woman.

Gripping, dark, unnerving and transgressive, the story has been described as “totally compelling,” “hypnotic” and “addictive yet repulsive.”

In a culture where no one can remain invisible, All My Lovers’ Wives is a ruthless exposure of married men and the secrets they continue to keep.

Marketing Information

  • By the author of the dark and erotic Maestra trilogy, a bestseller translated in 43 countries; 1 million copies sold worldwide and 40,000 sold in France (Robert Laffont, Pocket, 2016), optioned by Sony and sold as a series to HBO.
  • Editions Massot will publish the French translation under the title: Moi, mes amants et leurs épouses