A Brush with Magic

Author: Ahn, Flora

Publication Date:

October 2024



Age Group:


Original language and publisher

English (USA) | Quirk Books

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia



A Brush with Magic

Author: Ahn, Flora


A heartfelt, magical adventure—inspired by Korean folklore and set in Seoul—about sisterhood and belonging, perfect for fans of Tae Keller and Kelly Yang. 

It’s finally summer break, and Yumi is headed to Korea with her older sister Minji for the very first time. She can’t wait to explore the city of Seoul with Minji—but Minji has other plans. The moment they land, Minji ditches Yumi to hang out with their cousins, who are way more fashionable, better at soccer, and just all around cooler than Yumi. 

Feeling lost and alone, Yumi is stuck at home painting with her grandfather. But when she discovers a magical ink brush in the attic, she accidentally summons a friend straight out of the Korean fairy tales her grandfather is always telling her about. Together with this new friend and an ink brush with the power to bring anything Yumi paints to life, Yumi explores everything Seoul has to offer, from bustling street markets and ancient palaces to riding the subway. 

But as the consequences of this newfound power come home to roost, Yumi must find the strength to embrace who she is and speak up for herself—before she loses everything and everyone she loves. 

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