89 Months

Original title: 89 Mois

Author: Michel, Caroline

Publication Date:

May 2016



Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French



89 Months

Original title: 89 Mois

Author: Michel, Caroline

  • 2 Seas Represents: World excl French.
  • Over 10,000 copies sold.


With humor and ridicule, this fresh and tender little novel takes a delicate subject to reveal a disillusioned generation still subject to conformist life choices. – Femme Actuelle 

A funny and moving debut novel. – Page des Libraires

With a natural tone, Caroline Michel succeeds in making this story a striking testimony, moving, funny and straight to the point, incredibly effective. An enlightening book and extremely topical, with chiselled and incisive writing. – Librairie Maruani

A good read! A very fresh novel! – Page après page

I bet that you will devour this funny and touching book, that subtly deals with alternative methods to have a baby alone. – Magic mama

“89 months” is packed with beautiful things: dynamism, humor but also tenderness and beautiful thoughts. The reading is very fluid. – Livre sa Vie

A very pleasant read. – Un monde de conteuses

I devoured this novel, the reading is so fluid. Humor and honest friendship are waiting for you. – Blabla et Cie

Caroline Michel’s style is modern, enjoyable and very fluid without forgetting a small dose of humor. – Les lectures de Blandine

A very enjoyable reading on a subject that affects everyone. To be read by all women. – Les reines livresques

An amazing first novel, disturbing at times, delicate. – New Kids On The Geek

89 months is how long Jeanne has left to have a baby. She’s 33 and single, and she is working on the logic that by age 40, her biological clock will have stopped ticking. Shattered by a recent break-up, she’s not looking for love any more, just for a father for Manon, the daughter she wants more than anything else. So as she punches their tickets, she scans all the male passengers in the train, searching for the perfect dad bio. And despite her doubts, her wondering if she’ll miss being held by strong, loving arms, and her moments of shame, she keeps on listening to the rhythm of her cycle, seeking hook-ups, drinking magical potions and propping her legs up every time she does the deed. You never know.


With this debut novel bursting with humor and affection, Caroline Michel offers readers a text that is both entertaining and moving. Hers is a refreshingly spontaneous new voice in women’s writing and one that is here to stay.

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