Author: Jauffret, Régis

Publication Date:

January 2024



Original language and publisher

French | Éditions Récamier

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Italy (Clichy)


Historical Fiction


Author: Jauffret, Régis


A gripping and controversial text on the origins of Adolf Hitler, written by one of the greatest French writers of the post-War generation.

For nine months, from July 1888 to April 1889, Klara Hitler carried in her womb the man who would become the fiercest dictator of all times, the embodiment of pure evil.

For the first time, Régis Jauffret gives a voice and a soul to this little-known historical character, who recounts the tale of her fateful pregnancy. Nine months during which she takes the full measure of the violence, the isolation, the suffocating religiosity, and the petty sexism that prevail in the family Adolf Hitler was born into.

Jauffret vividly imagines how this patchwork of wickedness, pettiness, and cruelty gave rise to the man who was capable of conceiving Nazism and creating Auschwitz.

But beyond the facts and the days is a sort of flow of words and images that invade Klara’s mind, visions which she transcribes despite not fully understanding them. These words and images, which are transmitted to her consciousness by the creature she carries in her womb, foreshadow the ferocity of the crimes that this unborn man will one day commit against Humanity.

With rare literary prowess, Régis Jauffret harnesses the power of the novel to plunge into the unspeakable depths of the human soul.

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  • Italian translation and English sample available