Silva, Sofia


Sofia Silva was born in Porto, Portugal, where she lives. A big reader and great fan of literature, particularly poetry, her favorite author is poet Pablo Neruda. She has always been interested in the way words could express feelings and share this passion with others, in 2009, she became a Literature teacher. She started her career in writing by sharing on Internet reviews on the books she read. Her followers pushed her to write her own books, and the first idea she had, about a Portuguese traumatized soldier who falls in love with a Brazilian woman, came to her through a dream. In 2014, she published Broken Hearts (Corações Quebrados) on Wattpad in 2014, quickly reaching 350,000 reads. She has acquired a powerful army of fans, who call themselves United Readers (Leitoras Unidas), composed of more than one thousand young readers, mostly from Brazil, who cause a tremendous buzz around Sofia’s work on social media.