Robert-Diard, Pascale


Pascale Robert-Diard is one of the greatest writers of the newspaper Le Monde, whose style is recognizable among thousands, sensitive, vibrant, with a sense of the right detail. She writes like no one else, using everyone’s words.

For the past twenty years, this great journalist has been writing a legal column and has covered hundreds of trials. After a first acclaimed story, La Déposition (2015, 15,000 copies sold in France, translated into Italian by Einaudi and German by Zsolnay), inspired by a true case, she has now written a pure fiction, nourished by the questions she asks herself. Her book joins the prestigious line of legal novels, in the wake of Harper Lee’s Don’t Shoot the Mockingbird and Ferdinand von Schirach’s Crimes or Georges Simenon’s Cour d’assises.)