Paeleman, Sonia


Sonia Paeleman is a cat behaviorist who lives near Paris. She has been practicing for more than 10 years this growing profession based on feline ethology, the science that studies the behavior of cats.

Her job consists of visiting people who encounter difficulties in their cohabitation with their cat (going out of the litter box, aggressive behavior, misunderstandings between cats, moving house, the arrival of a baby…) or who want to improve it.

As a mediator between cats and humans, she works for a better understanding between the two species and a better consideration of the cat’s needs in his life with us. Starting from the principle that disturbing or worrisome behaviors are a sign of adaptation difficulties for the animal, it is often a question of changing the way we look at this little companion who shares our lives and establishing a respectful cohabitation based on a balanced relationship.

Her first book, Understanding Your Cat — The secrets of a behaviorist (2018), has become a reference on the subject, and her second book, What Does It Mean When My Cat Does This?, offers a playful approach to cat behavior.

Sonia Paeleman is also a trainer in the profession of cat behaviorism at the Animautopia school.