Oddera, Vanni


Vanni Oddera was born in 1980 in Pontinvrea, a town between Genoa and Savona. He didn’t do well at school, preferring to run off and play in the woods, where he met his first friend, the wild boar, Scheggia. He dreamt of owning a motorbike and bought one with his first pay packet, thereby changing his whole life. In only a short space of time, he became a champion of Freestyle Motorcross and from 2009 onwards, he started to share his great passion by means of mototherapy, exhibitions of acrobatic prowess on a motorbike, where disabled children, those with physical disabilities or oncological diseases and wheelchair users can experience the thrill of sharing the saddle with a champion. A project that aims to bring emotions and adrenalin to those who seem destined never to experience them. This book tells his story.