Low, Amy


Amy Low has been a storyteller all her life. She grew up in and continues to live life through parables and metaphors. She sees her life as an invitation to discovering the new every day and even records some of these discoveries in her Substack, Postcards from the Mountain, whose readers include a great deal of journalists.

Amy is in nearly constant conversation with some of the most remarkable storytellers and change makers of our time as a managing director at Emerson Collective. Emerson is a social change organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs. Amy oversees Emerson’s grantmaking to nonprofit journalism organizations and to Emerson’s Fellowship portfolio. Emerson either owns or is deeply invested in media outlets including The Atlantic, Axios, Pushkin, ProPublica, The Marshall Project, The Texas Tribune, and Concordia Studio.

Most important, Amy is mom to Connor (18) and Lucy (16). Her proudest achievement is raising a son and daughter who one day will be spectacular and forever curious dinner party guests.