Koufman, Jamie


Dr. Jamie Koufman, the New York Times bestselling author of Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure, is one of the world’s authorities on reflux disease and cough. She founded and directed the Voice Institute of New York and was a Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology at New York Medical College. As a surgeon, Koufman pioneered laryngeal framework surgery and performed voice (vocal cord) reconstruction surgery. Koufman is a past president of the American Bronchoesophagological Association. She has received the Honor Award and the Distinguished Service Awards of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, as well as the Casselberry Award and a Presidential Citation from the American Laryngological Association. Dr. Koufman has lectured and published in the fields of laryngology and acid reflux research. She coined the terms laryngopharyngeal reflux, silent reflux, and airway reflux.