Hoemmel, Livie (pseud.)


From a very young age, the author of this book was initiated into both mathematics and chess by his father, who was also a serious chess player. Together they would analyze games played by grandmasters, with a particular interest in those of the greatest of them all: Bobby Fischer. Nearly a half a century ago, the author promised his stunned father – who was almost grief-stricken in 1975, after Fischer’s fall – that he would solve the mystery someday.

With access to the worlds of both high-level chess and intelligence services, the author was able to pursue his investigation. After two decades of chipping away at the enigma, he uncovered proof that the little boy from Brooklyn who had been crowned World Champion had not lost his mind, as they tried to make us believe. He had actually been the victim of an extraordinary government conspiracy that led to his downfall.

“Getting to the bottom of the mystery demanded both determination and some incredibly lucky coincidences. But now, writing under the pen name Livie Hoemmel, I can finally keep my promise to my father and tell you the whole story.”