Hilton, L. S.


As L. S. Hilton, Lisa Hilton authored the Maestra Series (Bonnier Zaffre), Maestra (2016), Domina (2017) and Ultima (2018). Maestra was a number one Sunday Times Bestseller, a New York Times bestseller and a number one bestseller in 8 European territories. To date, it is on sale in 43 countries, and 1 million copies have been sold worldwide. Lisa has often taken inspiration from the lives of women who shaped the world, and has written six historical biographies, including Athenais: The Real Queen of France (Little, Brown, 2002 – shortlisted for the Somerset Maugham Prize), The Horror of Love (Orion, 2011); Elizabeth, Renaissance Prince (Orion, 2014); The House with Blue Shutters (Atlantic, 2010 – shortlisted for the Commonwealth Fiction Prize), and an art history book, The Death of Cleopatra (Skira, 2017).