Hayat, Philippe


Philippe Hayat (49) currently divides his time between writing (in the morning) and entrepreneurship (in the afternoon). A graduate of the École Polytechnique and ESSEC, he has created or taken over several activities in the fields of industry, technology and services, and currently invests in innovative companies. Along with his entrepreneurial activities, he co-created the diploma field of Entrepreneurship within the ESSEC, and later did the same within the Paris School for Political Sciences. In 2007, he founded the association “100,000 Entrepreneurs” which transmits entrepreneurial culture to young people by organizing presentations by entrepreneurs in schools. In recent years, Philippe Hayat wrote several books on the subject. Momo, the main character of his first novel, has a passion for entrepreneurship and is one of those characters who escape the danger and manage to assert themselves while they’ve been condemned by their era.