Gaston, Delphine


Delphine Gaston-Sloan was born in Versailles and still lives in her native Yvelines, which she cherishes. Passionate about history, she likes to tell it with humor in her books. With equal parts curiosity and a desire to share her knowledge, she explores subjects as diverse as the French language (Le Pourquoi et le Comment des expressions françaises, Éditions Larousse), French literature (Littérature française Minute, Éditions Contre-dires – Trédaniel), women (365 femmes extraordinaires, Éditions 365), and general culture (Améliorez votre culture générale, Leduc.S Éditions). She has published nearly 70 books since her beginnings.

A regular contributor to the monthly magazine Comment ça marche, she answers questions from readers eager for knowledge and offers her selection of books. She also writes in BEEF! “the magazine for men with taste,” presenting the latest foodie news and the most beautiful cookbooks of the moment.

When she finally turns off her computer, she cultivates her vegetable garden, rushes to the movies, binges on American TV series, and develops her line of DIY and upcycling personal clothing and accessories.

Delphine is also the author of L’Opportunité de La République sur le cul.