Drabkin, Ronald


Ronald Drabkin, who is fluent in Japanese, is uniquely equipped to write the story of Beverly Hills Spy due to his dogged and comprehensive research into buried, previously undisclosed, or inaccessible (to most) files from Japanese Intelligence, MI5, and the FBI and on three continents in over a dozen libraries.

Drabkin’s personal connection to espionage is what drew him to uncover and tell the Frederick Rutland story. His father and grandfather were both spies in Los Angeles. Rutland knew his family and, though this book is the story of Rutland, it is also, in a small way, a tribute to his father and grandfather.

Drabkin has spent his professional career in Silicon Valley. In the last 20 years, he has raised over $70m in venture capital for various startups and earned a position as a visiting scholar at the University of Notre Dame. His marketing skill and experience are vast, having helped his employers manage and spend over $150m on social media marketing.