Brews, Peter J.


Professor Peter J. Brews stepped down as Dean of the Darla Moore School of Business (DMSB) in December 2022 after 9 years in office, and left academic life as dean emeritus in December 2023. Brews’ professional career started in investment banking and then moved into higher education, where after earning graduate degrees in both law and business and two PhDs in business he taught business law, economics, finance, corporate strategy/strategic management and international business while conducting research at three leading universities, the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, and Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill in the United States.

Brews has published in Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Executive, Business Strategy Review, Long Range Planning, The South African Journal of Business Management, The South African Company Law Journal, The Investment Analysts’ Journal, The Financial Times, and other journals and publications.