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Non-Obvious series: How To Predict Trends And Win The Future

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT “Smart, articulate and immediately useful.” —Daniel H. Pink, Bestselling author of When A goldmine of ideas and trends. — GUY KAWASAKI, Chief Evangelist of Canva and author of The Art of the Start, 2.0 Shatter your magic crystal ball, and toss out the tea leaves. In this book, Rohit shows us how and where […]

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The Open Plan Killed Me (L’Open space m’a tuer)

ESSAY – HUMOR An office? With four walls, a door and daylight coming in? No way! We are living in the open plan era. This convivial and communal space is to businesses what Facebook is to its users: a place to see and to be seen. In such a context, it is suitable to like […]

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Generation Hangover (Génération gueule de bois)

“Fascinating from start to finish.” —Canal+ “A great reading enjoyment, an excellent book, both regarding France, politics and Europe.” –Nicolas Demorand, France Inter “As beneficial as an Alka-Seltzer on a hangover.“ –Julie Malaure, Le Point “An implacable demonstration, to read without delay.” –Bernard-Henri Lévy, Le Point “A book of combat, exciting from beginning to end.” […]

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Madame de Staël. The Woman Napoleon Feared (Madame de Staël. La femme qui faisait trembler Napoléon)

‘We have found our Woman of the Year for 2015!’ — Elle ‘Around de Staël in 24 days: enlightening!’ — Le Point BIOGRAPHY Her fame has no equal in present day. She was known throughout Europe. Her books were bestsellers. Her closest friends were writing History and Napoleon said of her: “I have four enemies: […]

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The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth

MOTIVATIONAL | NON-FICTION | SELF-HELP US Today called Altucher’s Choose Yourself “One of the best books of all time” James Altucher: The most interesting man in the world – Forbes Mr. Altucher is simply practicing what he preaches. Over the last half-decade, this former tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and financial pundit has reinvented himself as a gimlet-eyed self-help […]

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Suzanne and Edouard Manet (Suzanne en Edouard Manet)

BIOGRAPHY  ‘Thera Coppens has clearly done her research. Due to her amazing storytelling skills, the reader is sucked into one of the most fascinating periods in recent European art history: 366 pages of pure joy. Claude Monet’s paintings shimmer through the lines and and you will want to visit the Musée d’Orsay in Paris to see Manets work. […]

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The Smell of Cut Grass (Un parfum d’herbe coupée)

LITERARY FICTION This bittersweet debut novel, composed of a clear and musical writing, examines with great tenderness but without nostalgia what remains in each us of the child we were. — Le Monde des Livres Surely you will recognize some Philippe Delerm in this debut novel filled with happy nostalgia. […] No tears can be […]

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THE 7 DAY STARTUP. You Don’t Learn Until You Launch

BUSINESS | NON-FICTION “Brilliant.” – Onsynergy.net “This book is incredible. This is hands down the best business book I’ve ever read.” – Adam Smith “Got a business idea? The 7 Day Startup by@thedannorris will take you from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur.” – Foundr Magazine “Changed my entire perspective on startups.” – Martin Pavion “If you haven’t […]

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Christianism and Philosophy (Christianisme et philosophie)

SOCIAL SCIENCES | RELIGION This book offers a thematic journey through the major relationship issues between Philosophy and Christianity in Antiquity, which are fundamental themes for the understanding of our history and our cultural identity. Were Christians hostile or favorable towards philosophy? Did philosophers know Christian doctrine? What are the consequences from combining Christianity and […]

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Mandela, A Philosophy in Acts (Mandela, une philosophie en actes)

BIOGRAPHY | PHILOSOPHY Mandela, a philosophy through action Nelson Mandela achieved what few human beings before him had managed to do: through the power of his actions and his words he brought to the fore a strikingly elevated image of Man and an idea of politics that was exceptionally noble. There are a few fundamental […]

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