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Rosy & John

THRILLER Bestselling French  thriller writer Pierre Lemaitre is back with an excellent new title, Rosy & John, a fast-paced addendum to his trilogy following inspector Camille Verhoeven and including Travail soigné, Alex and Sacrifices. Exclusively published as a trade paperback original by Le Livre de Poche, Rosy & John can be read as a engrossing side story to the trilogy. The thriller […]

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Candy Jaunt (Snoepreis)

LITERARY FICTION Boris is a ten year old who likes comics, superheroes, dinky toys and candy. After his parents’ divorce, they fight fiercely over the guardianship. To escape the father’s demands, Boris’ mother takes him to Spain, where she is from. But what seems like an exciting adventure at the start soon derails into a […]

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Small Almanac of the Meaning of Life (Petit Almanach du Sens de la Vie)

PHILOSOPHY The stages of life, previously well-defined, have now become confused, opaque and disorderly. Can we hope to put back a little (well) meaning? This is the challenge of this book, developed from columns the author had written for Philosophy Magazine over a three-year period. It is a question of thinking out, step by step, […]

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Surrealism (Le Surréalisme)

HISTORY | PHILOSOPHY Surrealism acquired legendary status quite quickly, largely due to the place that surrealist works granted dreams, the supernatural and love. But, from its quasi-magical beginnings- automatic and hypnotised writing- to its slow, post-war receding  it was a constantly evolving movement, which perpetually re-evaluated its manifesto, built bridges with politics in the hope of […]

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When Mars Women Date: How Career Women Can Love Themselves Into the Lives of Their Dreams

HOW TO GUIDE | RELATIONSHIPS If you’re an independent, strong, passionate woman, you are meant to have a great life and you know it. This book will give you permission to claim who you really are, and create a love relationship that celebrates your highest strength and offers you the highest happiness. ~ Tama Kieves, bestselling […]

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  FANTASY / WOMEN’S FICTION This unputdownable trilogy consists of the following titles (click on the titles for a description on Amazon.com): Witches on Parole | Witches Under Way | Witches in Flight   Selling points: 100,000 copies sold all three books are in the 30 top rated fiction books on Amazon based on reader […]

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Awaken Your Memory (Réveillez votre mémoire)

Do you lose the track of a conversation, forget the title of a film or the Pin code of your credit card? The loss of memory worries to a lot of people. This book, written by a specialist, will help you train and develop your memory, whatever your age, in a playful and entertaining way […]

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Humor Therapy (L’humour-thérapie)

What makes us laugh? What is the meaning of all the jokes we tell each other? This original book is as much an invitation to laugh, to entertain, to look at the sunny side of life, as it is an invitation to become aware of the hidden meanings of our psychological tensions that humor has […]

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Greek Architecture (L’Architecture grecque)

  If Roman or Roman-inspired architecture is much more present in Europe than Greek architecture, the latter is still very visible through the most various neo-Greek achievements: from the Ionic porch of Saint-Vincent de Paul church in Paris, to the Villa Kérylos at Beaulieu-sur-Mer to the Doric friezes at Loches and Beaulieu, in Indre-et-Loire, the […]

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Come Here So I Can Kill You, Beautiful (Viens là que je te tue ma belle)

This book was awarded the Prix de Flore for young Readers 2007. Clack, clack, clack, clack… I love listening to the noise my boots’ heels on the white marble of my lobby. When I pass the mirror, I catch my reflection, glossy in the silver vastness, repeating itself… repeating itself… ‘til infinity. I stay looking […]

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